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People are your company’s greatest asset.  They should be motivated and inspired to take ownership in the company they work for.

Over 20 years of experience in corporate America has given Heath a clear perspective on what motivates employees.  One realization he quickly came to was this – it’s not just about the paycheck.  Salary is definitely going to have people coming back every Monday, but what can you do to ensure their best performance?  Good employees show up; great employees take ownership and strive to make a tangible difference. 


Heath can help you find the BEST in your people, not only at the benefit of the company, but also in giving them a more fulfilling work experience.

Product Expert

applications, training employees, and soliciting feedback for enhancements.  Working for a 

Heath has a degree in Information Technology with a focus on Application Development.   Before moving into executive roles, he spent many years building new 

national radiology company, Heath was responsible for traveling to satellite locations to facilitate the uptake of new products.  Now as an actor, Heath is sought after as a virtual product spokesperson in commercial and industrial videos.


Why do show up for work? 

If it’s just for the paycheck, that reason can have employees jumping ship for the next dollar.  

As a former CEO of a multi million dollar manufacturing company, Heath knows how to share perspective on ownership.  Ownership is not a percentage of a company.  It’s doing your best job because it’s what you believe in.  Ownership is being excited for what the next work day brings because you are somewhere that you can make a difference.


Great companies have great leaders.  Some CEOs love to build and develop a brand, but don’t have the desire to give speeches or be in the public forefront.  Let 

Heath come in and deliver that annual report or communicate new and exciting innovations in person, on video, or in a public press release.


New products, new procedures, new initiatives – these are the things that fuel company growth.  But “new” is not always received well.  Heath knows how to 

communicate “new” in a fun and informative way. "New" doesn’t have to be scary and communcating it doesn’t have to be dull.  Get your team excited about your company’s next big thing!

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