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“I got into youth ministry just as a volunteer helping out Willie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty).  When he retired, I said I’d fill in until we found someone else.  The next six years were an unexpected blessing.” - Heath

Whether it’s a mission trip, a spiritiual mountain trek, or dressing up to win a charity benefit lip sync competition (we entered 2 and won 2), Heath loves hanging out with teens.  His philosophy as a youth minister was to just build real relationships and keep things simple.  These days, Heath looks forward to any opportunity to share his story with teens and adults alike.

Email: to have Heath come speak to your youth group, church, or university

Heath has a unique story of adoption and reconciliation that is a true testimony of God’s work.  Growing up an only child, he always new he was adopted.  He had no idea how his life would change on his 19th birthday.


Heath had the great fortune of joining Willie and Korie Robertson on their FoxNews podcast to talk about the details.  Parts of his story are also chronicled in a book written by his biological parents Mac and Mary Owen entitled “Never Let Go”, available on Amazon.

Love God, Love Each Other

In Mark 22:34-40, Jesus was tested by the religious rulers.  When asked what the greatest commandment was, He could have said anything.  He chose something very simple – Love God, Love Others.  As a youth minister, Heath loved sharing this message as a starting point for his ministry.  This is also the message he loves sharing today.  The simple life of loving God and loving his people.


As an actor, Heath was blessed to be cast as the lead in the feature film “2nd Greatest”, which is releasing in the fall of 2016.  As only God can do, Heath went to an audition he wasn’t supposed to be at to land a part in a movie about his favorite verse.


Synopsis for 2nd Greatest:

"2nd Greatest is a Christian drama inspired by the incredible true stories set in Golden, CO. About how the “Golden Rule” changed a community forever!

A pastor, a homeless drunk and a police officer must discover a way to bring unity to a lost community and to themselves, while fighting for a low income trailer park before it’s shut down by a wealthy and well connected 5th generation Goldenite set on ridding his beloved town of the homeless problem he perceives to be his community's greatest threat."

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